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Interested in making your investments work harder?

Consider joining Chartwell Fund.

Chartwell Fund is a closed-end, no-load hedge fund operating as an investment partnership. Our mission is to generate incremental yield for passive, accredited investors, who have a tolerance for risk, and who hold positions in common stocks.

Our Strategy

Proven and effective

Over the years Chartwell Fund has developed a proprietary trading strategy and tactical plan for trading Put and Call Options that is designed to deliver an incremental 5-8% annual cash yield to our partners. This incremental yield is over and above any dividend income and Long Term capital gain that a partner’s underlying equities are earning, and those dividends are not subject to the Fund’s quarterly commission.

The Cost

No load, no hidden fees

Most hedge funds charge 1-2% of invested assets at the beginning of the year plus a hefty percentage of any capital gains that accrue. Chartwell Fund only charges the SEC 12B-1 operating fee of 0.25% of assets annually to cover tax documentation preparation, investment research fees, marketing expenses, and regulatory filings. The Fund earns a quarterly commission only on the trading profits generated and any operating expenses that exceed the 12B-1 limit are paid out of the Fund’s commission. Brokerage transaction fees and margin interest expenses, however, are paid by the partnership as a whole.

The Risk

Markets are volatile

  • Past performance is not a guarantee for future performance.
  • The stock market is unpredictable, particularly in the short term.
  • Put Options will accentuate an investor’s losses in a market that experiences a sharp and sudden downturn.
  • A partner cannot add or withdraw assets until the close of each calendar quarter.

The Reward

5-8% annual cash yield

This incremental yield is over and above any dividend income that a partner’s underlying equities are paying, and those dividends are not subject to the Fund’s quarterly commission. Chartwell Fund allows you to fully realize the Long Term capital gains and dividend income from assets you share in the Fund while also generating incremental cash income.

What are the qualifications?

Chartwell Fund is ideally suited for Qualified Investors who have substantial positions in common stocks and who have a risk tolerance to generate additional earnings off of these holdings. 



of Stocks & Options

$2MM+ Net Worth


$200K+ AGI



Minimum Assigned Equities

Meet Jim Gulley

General Partner

A seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience. 

How can I join?

Join the Chartwell Fund in three easy steps!

Step 1: Contact Us

For more information, or to confirm your qualifications, please call (404) 304-1722 or email jim@chartwellfund.com


Step 2: Apply

Applying only takes a few minutes! Sign up today and start building your wealth.

Step 3: Reap

Start reaping the reward! Earn 5-8% extra cash annually and enjoy doing what you love.

Apply now and take advantage of our next enrollment window.

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